We are proud to announce that the opportunity for the role of District Manager is now available. Reporting to the Retail Operation Manager, District Manager manages multiple corporate stores of the assigned district. The position acts as a go-between of the Support Centre and the assigned Kin’s Farm Market chain corporate stores by communicating, carrying out and enforcing policies, procedures, practices, systems and guidelines set forth by the Company. The position mentors and provides advice to Store Managers and Assistant Store Managers within the district and is responsible for training, coaching, store compliance and disciplinary actions. The position is also responsible in activities associated with the growth and expansion of the Company.


The District Manager’s responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to the following:

Multi-store Management Duties:
1. Conducts regular stores visit, ensures stores are in compliance and operates according to Kin’s Farm Market’s required operating standards and procedures.
2. Monitors, guides and advises Store Managers and Assistant Store Managers to operate a Kin’s Farm Market retail store effectively; follows up on actions required on a timely manner.
3. Ensures the workplace is safe and harassment free. Ensures employees are treated fairly and without discrimination.
4. Lead store management to:
- meet Kin’s Farm Market’s Mission, Spirit, Rules, Store Quality Standards, Work Standards, and Company Policies.
- prepare annual budget and action plan; quarterly review and revision of budgets if required.
- maintain the company quality standard and reach the optimal profitability and display standards
- maintain gross margin and inventory turnover according to individual store standards.
- oversee overall wage expenses, spoilage and supplies expenses according to company standards.
- monitor store management working schedules and take proper action.
- communicate and maintains a good relationship with the mall management companies.
5. Maintains awareness of market trends in the retail industry, understanding forthcoming customer initiatives, and monitoring what local competitors are doing; reads Market News, Operation News and any other communication from Kin’s and implements any updates within the required time frame.
6. Studies and analyzes store performance reports, discusses action plan with store management to improve store performance and efficiency.
7. Acts as liaison between stores and suppliers; assists to distribute produce to stores according to its needs.
8. Involves in the settlement of claim disputes between Store Managers and suppliers or any other 3rd parties.
9. Prepares produces sales reports and/or any other forms of analyses as required from time to time.

People Management Duties:
10. Manages matters related to employees within the district which include but are not limited to the followings:
- Determines staffing needs for stores within the district.
- Approves vacation schedules of Store Managers, plan for relieve staff and/or acts as back up when Store Managers within the district are on vacation.
- Manages and motivates store management to increase sales and ensure efficiency.
- Manages stores and employees’ performance through regular store visits, evaluation and constant communications.
- Recognizes good performance and behaviors; documents disciplinary actions of Store Managers within the district.
- Acts as backup of other District Managers when they are on vacations.
11. Provides training to new and existing management team; conduct presentations during meetings as required.
12. Guides and coaches store managers to solve problems and employee issues professionally; conducts proper investigation according to company guidelines and take appropriate disciplinary actions which are in compliance to the applicable act, legislation and regulations.
13. Oversees human resources activities which may include interviewing, hiring, resolving conflicts and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance reviews; rewarding and disciplining employees.
14. Provides feedback and contributes to company meetings, e.g. Store Manger Meetings, Assistant Store Manger Meetings, General Meetings and to other company initiatives.
15. Promotes rewarding careers by developing and promoting internal employees based on performance.
16. Cultivates and encourages open and honest communications in the workplace environment.
17. Controls wages and the Hourly Productivity Index (HPI) according to Kin’s standards and individual store needs, in consultation with the Store Manager.

Company Expansion Duties:

18. Be responsible for taking over new store opening including participation in operation and the overall planning, overseeing construction of new stores if required, organizing store grand opening and marketing events, staff recruitment and training.
19. Understands company’s strategic direction by contributing and participating in company’s meetings.
20. Communicates and provides feedback to Purchasing and Distribution Team on product selection, pricing, promotion and product sales estimation.
21. Partners closely with other departments for other matters including but not limited to store promotional activities, staffing needs, accounting procedures, system applications, survey programs, community events…etc.


1. Minimum 5 years of experience in a retail environment, preferably in a produce store and/or at a managerial level.
2. Be ready to take initiative to learn all required aspects of Kin’s operation and procedures.
3. Able to think strategically and take action in executing our strategic plan; cares about planning, results and timelines without compromising the required standards and quality.
4. Possess a strong passion and commitment to grow with the Company and take initiatives to learn, to manage and to contribute to its growth and expansion.
5. Able to plan, prioritize, organize tasks and schedule daily routine effectively.
6. Good problem solving and decision making skills.
7. Able to demonstrate strong leadership, good communication and people skills.
8. Able to inspire, motivate and coach employees and cultivate teamwork; be prepared to roll up his/her sleeves to hands on managing assigned stores’ performance and discipline employees in a positive manner.
9. Able to excel excellent customer services, work well with stores personnel, head office and other stakeholders.
10. Able to work under pressure and be accountable and responsible.
11. Flexible and able and willing to work on emergency situations on 24/7 basis with a sense of urgency.
12. Good command of English; good written and oral skills.
13. Able to work well independently and as a team member.
14. Computer literate – proficient in MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet.
15. Possess knowledge of produce is an asset.

If you would like to apply for the role of District Manager, please email your cover letter and resume to HR@kinsfarmmarket.com and insert “Oper – Dmgr” in the subject line.  

Thank-you to all the candidates who have been interested in working for Kin’s Farm Market, but due to the volume of applicants, only applicants selected to move to the next selection level will be contacted.



By Crystal Toigo-Avila


These 8 weeks have been a definite experience. I have learned a lot about myself, and I am still working on improving some things. I have come to realize that when I eat unhealthy choices, or do not exercise, I tend to be extremely tired and just not motivated. The best way to stay on track is to just stay on track… Even minor screw ups can turn into a whole week of bad choices if you are not careful. It is so important to pay attention to how you treat your body. After this challenge is over, I am off to Mexico for a week, so I am going to try to get a lot of exercise in there. Our resort is huge, and apparently a lot of walking is expected, so that is goood! When we are back from Mexico, I am going to concentrate more and more on eating healthy and keeping up my bootcamps. This has been a great opportunity for me! Final body scan is next week. Crunch time! Wish me luck everyone!!




By Ashley Manky


Wowzers! Eight weeks have flashed by so quickly. I have learnt a lot about myself though:

1. I am a fat kid! I love food more then anyone I know, that includes healthy foods and unhealthy foods.


2. I hate exercise! I love doing stuff but hate going to the gym to exercise.


3. I have learnt how to fix the above problems lol.


4. The first problem is fixed by portion control and knowing what’s worth it. Is it worth eating a Popsicle that really isn’t my favourite colour? No, it isn’t. Is it worth indulging in a few bites of a Black Forest dump it cake? Yes, but just this once and watch what I eat carefully. Also fixing the problem by exploring new foods such as the gold kiwis (which are amazing), and by experimenting with new dishes.


5. Solution to the second problem is working out when I feel like it at home (elliptical and resistance bands). Also by getting outside and doing stuff: walking, sports, exploring anything that is active and fun.


6. (Not really something I learnt but keep reading) I have also met a bunch of new people who have helped me see what others are struggling with. The stories from each of these people have shown me a variety of emotions from laughter to tears. (Tears mainly from Ian Fletcher who’s exercise plan has killed me almost every other day). I want to thank every other green fighter, kins, and the other supporters we received in regards to diet, exercise, and body comp for being amazingly helpful on this journey.


7. We all need to work on maintaining a better us. We need to pass on our knowledge to the next generation. We need to fight for what we believe in. We can’t sit by idly and watch things crumble around us. Whether it be weight gain leading to obesity caused by lack of exercise or gmo plants that are slowly weeding out the heirloom the organic and the healthier foods. Take a stand for a healthier you and a healthier us Ashley



By Stephanie Jennings (Ray)


This challenge has flown by! I’m so glad I had this opportunity. It made me really think about my food and drink choices and especially the sugar I intake – as we were told very early on that “Sugar craves Sugar!” and to choose vegetables over fruit…


I found it kind of amazing how much and at the same time how little you need to exercise to make a change – at least 30 minutes every day is nothing; in the scheme of how long the day is, but will do wonders when used efficiently, and then how skipping just a few days can really get you off track… It’s trying to find a nice balance to suit and fit your lifestyle.


I’m looking forward to making healthy choices for myself; without having to be a part of a contest; but merely because I love the way I feel when I do. 


I love how I’ll smile every time I see a Kin’s! Their support and backing of this contest has been wonderful; seeing firsthand the knowledge and expertise of their product was so enlightening – During an in-store challenge a customer was looking for Cob or Boston lettuce and – the manager knew it would be in on Thursday and why there was a delay on it… another customer commented on limes and how they were really expensive somewhere he was shopping; and Kins knew the reason for that… They really know their product, are a local, family business, and support the Canadian Cancer Society – and I’m so proud to have been a part of their Green Fighters Team if only for 8 weeks. 


Thank you Kins!




Stephanie Jennings Ray 
(Finally in the process of changing that… ;-) )




By Samantha Gurney


What has the last eight weeks meant to me?


I felt supported. By Kin’s, by the other Green Fighters (Crystal and Nicole, you girls make me smile, thanks for the Facebook boosts when I needed them), my friends, my family, people I haven’t spoken to in years. It was nice. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.


I gained knowledge. Learning about nutrition and how pretty much everyone eats WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR. I’m addicted to 5 cent candies, so this was a hard, sad truth to learn. But seriously – if you’re having one can of pop a day, you’re already way over the recommended daily sugar intake – without factoring naturally occurring sugars in good foods like fruits. No wonder there’s an obesity epidemic. I’ve been more careful to not drink my calories, and have cut soda pop out of my life, and have limited juice intake. 


I stepped out of my comfort zone! I am proud of that. I may not be the challenge winner, but goshdarnit, I tried. I went to fitness classes all by myself, and I enjoyed them! I put myself out there, MY WEIGHT IS ON THE INTERNET. That’s ballsy, right? 


I’m glad I had the opportunity to compete in this challenge, and am thankful for the opportunities Kin’s gave me to jumpstart these lifestyle changes. I’m more aware of my food choices, and am on my way to a happier and healthier way of life.


Thanks to everyone for your support, it really means the world to me.


Much love, 
Sam xo




By Peter Lindenlaub



8 weeks goes by pretty fast! I enjoyed the challenge, understanding what great produce Kin’s Farmers Markets offer (not just saying that, I really believe it!).

Selecting different items like spaghetti squash, golden kiwi’s, dragon fruit and expanding my repertoire of fresh veggies and fruit for all meal and snack times.


I had some challenges, notably a hernia operation that curtailed my normal exercise routine.


I also enjoyed reading blogs for my fellow contestants and the positive lifestyle changes they made and how they influenced others around them.


I’m more aware now then before the challenge, and determined to keep on a healthy path through diet, exercise and a positive mental outlook.


By Nicole Tecson


Care bears count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…
The challenge is coming to an end, and I am pretty excited to see the final results. I have been working hard to keep myself physically active and tried to eat as much healthy food as I possible can manage. I completed the 30-day squat challenge, and this new month I decided to join a large group of people, including some of my fellow Green Fighters, with a 30-day ab challenge that will include: sit-ups, planks, leg raises, and crunches. Crunches and I, since day 1, did not get off to a great start- but I am hoping this month’s challenge will relieve some tension from our relationship.

Even though, the challenge is almost coming to an end- I plan to continue eating clean and exercising regularly. I am glad I was given the opportunity to become a Green Fighter. Now, I am on the path to a better me




By Nicole Robson


8 Weeks…



We did it!! We made it the full 8 weeks and I feel AMAZING! 


For the first time in my adult life I feel like I have a handle on myself and my eating…


When I started this challenge, I was looking for answers and guidance. I was confused about what to put in my body, how to feed myself.. I felt like I didn’t know how to lose weight any more. My mind was FULL of different diets and weight loss gimmicks, I felt like, maybe I had passed my opportunity to have a healthier, hotter body (I ain’t gettin any younger). I was scared and sad and mad and frustrated and lost and….confused.


Signing up for challenges is my ‘thing’, I love it. I throw myself into challenges with full conviction and discipline. So signing up for the Green Fighters Challenge was a no-brainer, and I was hoping it would help me. Holy smokes, has it ever helped me…


Having the body scan at the beginning and discovering what I was really made of has been a life changer for me. In the past, I have relied on funky on-line BMI calculations to tell me how many calories I should eat. Or diet books giving me some sort of meal plan that promises fast, easy weight loss. Well that doesn’t work, for me it never has. Understanding my lean muscle mass, and how many calories my body required just to function, really put things in perspective. From there it was a bit of an experiment as to how many calories were the right amount on active and non-active days, trial and error.


The key over the past 8 weeks is, I have never given up. At a few points through out this challenge I have been frustrated with my progress (or lack of), or just really sick and tired of making ‘good choices’. But I kept telling myself…keep going, tomorrow will be a better day. Sometimes ‘tomorrow’ was a better day, and sometimes it wasn’t, but I kept telling myself the same thing…and now tomorrow has become 8 weeks.


I have been thinking for some time about my struggles and what I like to call “Food Confusion”. I am currently developing a 8-12 week program that will help women like me, who have tried EVERYTHING and feel lost, I want to support others, and guide them. I want to help eliminate the Food Confusion, through knowledge and understanding, and be their biggest cheerleader to help them achieve their goals. It IS possible to have what you want out of life, it IS possible to achieve your ideal body, it IS possible to love the skin you are in…you just got to give it until tomorrow.

For anyone who has felt lost and needs ‘something’, I’m here. xo


Some of you may have seen my blog (Addicted 2 Before & After) that I started over a year ago , and some of you haven’t. This blog recounts some of the ridiculous things I have done/seen in the name of weight loss. If you want something fun to read, check it out…






By Murilo Oliveira


Hello friends,


It is being 8 weeks since we started this Green Fighters Challenge.


From the initial body scan when I had a chance to have a clear (and deeper) view of my body’s mass balance till today (8 weeks after) is being long ways.


changing a lifestyle, that we’ve actually had a lifetime to develop and get used to, is definitively not an easy task, craving for sugar, chocolate and fries was part of the process.


I’d like to thank all my family, including my personal Chef and coach Cecilia, and friends for their support, to Kin’s Farm Market for sponsoring this challenge and also engaging such an enthusiastic team, with Lia Fletcher, Eunice, Alyssa, Ian Fletcher and Peter. it was a great pleasure to meet Mike, the Lynn Valley Mall store manager, a super nice guy and his friendly team that helped me through the daffodil and Health Pledges challenges.


Most of my workout was breathing, balancing, contracting, stretching and, of course, sweating at the North Van Bikram Yoga Studio. Unfortunately I hurt my neck and couldn’t do the program developed by Ian (as soon as it gets healed I’ll start again).


It was a great opportunity to raise awareness towards the impacts of a healthier lifestyle on our daily lives and how we can prevent diseases, including cancer, when you are eating healthy food, working out, having a better sleep, which eventually reflects in the way you see life. It was also a pleasure and an honor to use the Canadian Cancer Society shirt and be part of their fundraising effort.


If I lost weight? Oh yes, and a couple of inches around my waist. If I am satisfied? not really. Plans for the future? I want to be able to keep up with my kids for a long time and run a marathon some day, who knows, and I’ll try to remember the lessons learned here.


Finally, I’d like to thank Kin’s Farm Market for making available all those fresh and tasty veggies and fruit (specially the golden kiwis).





By Lisa Sperling


 It has been eight weeks now, surprising how fast this all went, with some set backs with medical stuff, I do find I have more energy even if I haven’t really lost any weight. I feel great, and I feel like I can keep going with this. This weekend was difficult to stay on track, with going to the food festival in Vancouver and trying to not eat all the yummy looking fudge and the chocolate wine, and then having a golf tournament that ended with a lot of delicious looking desserts. 

I feel proud of myself that it is not as difficult as it was in the begining to not skip over the healthy food and go for the tasty deserts, now the salads and healthy food does seem tasty. I am getting atleast a small workout in everyday, I have found the most comfortable place to do sit ups is on my bed, as then my back doesn’t dig into the floor.
All in all I am happy with my progress and feel that this is something I will continue with.