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Haden Mangoes

The flesh of Haden mango is quite smooth with a custard-like texture. It has very little of the thin fiber you find in other mango varieties. The taste of Haden mango is absolutely delicious. Once ripe, the mango is very sweet. Haden mangoes also release an amazing tropical fragrance.

Selecting Haden Mangoes

Haden mangoes start out with green and red colors. Once it’s starting to ripen, the green color will slowly turn into yellow. On your visit to Kin’s Farm Market for Haden mangoes, use your palms lightly squeeze the Haden mango to see if the mango is ripe. The flesh of Haden mango should be firm, yet, yield when gently pressed.

Storing Haden Mangoes

We highly recommend to store mangoes in room temperature until they are fully ripe. Storing Haden mangoes in refrigerator will interfere ripening process and the mangoes will not be ripened properly. You can put Haden mango in a paper bag to hasten the ripening process.

Haden mango is our top-pick featured product this April month.

Throughout April, a percentage of our Haden mango sales will proceed in support of Heart and Stroke Foundation.