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Although Papaya is native to Mexico and South America, it is also grown in other tropical countries. Papaya has different varieties, we will focus on Hawaii papaya, which we carry at our stores.

Selecting Papayas

Quick and simple way to select the best papaya from our stores is to check:

  • The color – it should be yellow or with a little bit of green.
  • The texture – it should be firm, yet yield when gently pressed. The texture should also be even without bruises or soft spots.
  • The weight – it should be heavy for its size.

Storing Papayas

Papaya will ripen within a few days at room temperature. You can put papaya in a paper bag to hasten the ripening process. Ripe papaya can be stored inside a plastic bag in a refrigerator. Cool temperature will slow down the ripening process. Typically, papayas last about a week in a refrigerator.

A single papaya contains about 300% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C.