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Pineapple is one of the iconic tropical fruits. The peak season for this fruit is between March and July. The most common way to eat pineapple is FRESH. However, there are numerous ways to use pineapples in different dishes and drinks.

Selecting Pineapples

Here are a few things to consider when selecting a pineapple:

  • The leaves of pineapples should be green. Note that the color of the fruit does not determine ripeness. Ripe pineapples can be green as well.
  • The body of pineapples should be firm. The size of pineapples does not indicate ripeness or taste.

Storing Pineapples

Pineapples will neither ripen nor become sweeter after harvest. They will last a few days at room temperature; hence, we suggest to eat it soon after you brought it home. Pineapple can be stored (whole) in a fridge to extend its freshness.

Fresh pineapples should be served at room temperature or slightly warm. If it was refrigerated, let it sit on a counter for half an hour. You will find they are sweeter than chilled pineapples. Other ways to bring out natural sweetness are to grill, broil, or sauté it.