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Dragon Fruits

One of our exotic fruits from the East, Dragon Fruit. If you have not tried it, we recommend you to try.

Dragon Fruit has a jelly-like texture with a combination of its edible seeds adding the crunch. The taste of Dragon Fruit is relatively sweet when it’s fully ripe. You can cut it in half and simply enjoy the flesh by scooping with a spoon.

Selecting Dragon Fruits

There are a few options to consider when selecting Dragon Fruits:

  • The color of Dragon Fruits should be evenly bright pink.
  • The leaves or petals should be brightly colored, without browning at the ends.
  • Dragon Fruits should be firm, yet, yield when pressed gently with your palm or finger.

Storing Dragon Fruits

Dragon Fruit will continue to ripen at room temperature, which will last a few days. Once ripe, we recommend to put Dragon Fruits in a fridge, as they taste even better when chilled. Ripe Dragon Fruits can be stored in a fridge for 3 – 5 days.