Exclusive Groceries Available Now

Kerrisdale and Point Grey Village Locations

From an 8 ft. long table in Granville Island Public Market to 28 locations across BC, Kin’s Farm Market has been delivering freshness for over three decades to our customers. Today, we continue our pursuit for excellence by growing our product line-up. Exclusively at our Kerrisdale and Point Grey stores, you will now find unique Farmers Market items such as honey, jam, jellies, wet salt and olive oil.

These are superior, nutritious and healthy goods sourced from local vendors. Most of our Farmers Market products are deliciously handmade using ingredients that are essential to good health. All of our Farmers Market vendors have an astounding story – a story of ambition, fortitude and resilience. Please see the list of Farmers Market products at Kin’s Farm Market below.

Local whipped honey

“Perfectly bee-crafted product sourcing from local beekeepers.”

From fear comes respect for little creatures called honeybees. Research of bee culture and behaviour can confirm that bees produce the purest honey. At Neighborly Bee, the unique whipping technique without heating the honey provides an exquisitely delicious, creamy with marshmallow-like texture honey.

Local jams and jellies

“Handcrafted in small batches using quality ingredients.”

Their love for homemade jams and jellies have led to unique and unparalleled recipes. With attention to freshness, Jam Shack carefully selects quality ingredients from local farms and markets to make their products. Jam Shack does not use pectin or commercial preservatives in their jams and jellies.

Local jams and jellies

“Handmade in small batches using traditional open kettle method with natural ingredients.”

The taste of handmade products using fresh local ingredients.

Locally made Koji salt

“Less Sodium, More Flavor”

The key ingredient that everyone can taste. Innumerable attempts to help people who lost the sense of taste. The key to savory taste was the Koji. Hence, the Koji salt was born as a healthier alternative as it contains less sodium than the regular salt.

Authentic Italian organic olive oil

“100% Natural and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a balance of fresh olive, green almond, and freshly mown grass flavors and aroma.”

Vianova Olive Oil is 100% certified organic extra virgin olive oil. By selecting only the best olives from farms closest to the production facility, Vianova has created one of the finest olive oil from Europe. This superb oil is preserved by a well-designed bottle, which protects the oil from light exposure, locking in its delicious taste.