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The Golden Quality Mandarin

Continuing every month, we are bringing and promoting top-notch quality products. This month, we fall in love with our Golden Nugget mandarin oranges.

The name of Golden Nugget derives from the bright orange colour and slightly bumpy skin. It’s recognized as one of the best-flavoured citruses in the world. Each segment is packed with luscious juice that bursts every time you eat. The fruit is at its peak season at Kin’s; hence all the reason it is our Focus of the Month this May.

Selecting Golden Nugget Mandarin Oranges

When it comes to selecting the best Golden Nuggets at Kin’s, we recommend checking for the following:

  • The fruit should be firm, but not rock hard with a good citrusy fragrance.
  • The skin should be a little loose between each segment. Tight skin is a sign that the fruit is either underripe or dry.
  • The fruit should be heavy for its size. The weight defines the juice content of the fruit.

Above all, we suggest that the fragrance is the best gauge to determine the taste of our Golden Nuggets.

In addition, if you notice dark spots on the fruit, it is a result of the fruit ripening process, which has little to no effect on the quality of the flesh inside the fruit.

Storing Golden Nugget Mandarin Oranges

We recommend storing Golden Nugget mandarins in the refrigerator. The fruit should last up to 2 weeks inside the fridge.