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Fresh Fall Favourite

Local Ambrosia Apples

Every month we select the best product of the season in term of taste and freshness. This October, we celebrate the Local Ambrosia Apples as our Featured Product of the Month for you to enjoy for the entire month. Ambrosia apple is one of the truly local apples due to the fact that it is originated in B.C. in Similkameen Valley during the 1990s.

Kin’s Fresh Ambrosia

The skin of Ambrosia apple is smooth with a bright red blush over a light yellow background. The apple is known for its tender and juicy flesh with a very unique honey-like flavour with a hint of sweet fragrance. The flesh does not turn brown easily comparing with other apple varieties. This makes Ambrosia apple a perfect choice for salad and fruit platter.

Look and feel of Ambrosia apples you want to take home

Fresh Ambrosia apple should have a bright creamy background and almost fluorescent red blush over the fruit. From the outside, it should be firm and heavy for its size. You can hold the apple in the palm of your hand and gently put pressure, the fruit should not be easily yielded. We do not recommend using your finger as it may bruise the fruit.

Avoid apple with dark or soft spots. The skin of Ambrosia apple should be smooth; hence, if you feel the skin wrinkles when rubbing it in your hand, move on to the next one.

Kin’s Keeping Them Fresh

Like most of the apples, Ambrosia apple does not continue to ripen after being harvested. Some apples will convert starches into sugar after being picked. It is best to keep your apples in the crisper as soon as possible. On average, it will last for a few weeks this way.

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