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Grasp-Berries from B.C.

Local Raspberries

Every month we select the best product of the season in term of taste and freshness. This July, we bring you local raspberries as our Featured Product of the Month. As warm weather approached, local raspberries are ready for harvest and in our stores. If you haven’t tried, you definitely cannot miss out.

Selecting the finest raspberries

Raspberry is one of the most fragile berries out there. It’s essential to avoid unnecessary handling as much as possible. From the moment the products arrive at our stores from local growers, we display them without touching the product.

When you are selecting local raspberries from our stores, look for brightly coloured and plump berry. Better yet, the best way to know the quality of our local raspberries is to ask one of our staff for a sample!


Raspberries do not continue to ripen after harvest. Hence, they are best to eat as soon as you can. If you are not planning to eat them right away, DO NOT wash them before refrigerated. Water increases the likelihood they’ll start to mould. Only wash raspberries for the amount you’d like to eat at a time.

Rinse water over raspberries in a colander instead of submerging them in the water.

Enjoy the freshest raspberries from the local farms near you!