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Unim-Peach-able Tasty!

Local Peaches

Every month we select the best product of the season in term of taste and freshness. This August, we celebrate #NationalPeachMonth by bringing local peaches for you to enjoy for the whole month as our Featured Product of the Month.

Kin’s Fresh Local Peaches

Unlike peaches from elsewhere, local peaches often harvested when they are almost ripe. Thus, you can expect the delicious taste from the fruits that reach the full benefits of sugar production from being ripe on the tree.

Look and feel of peaches you want to take home

The peaches you want are those with vibrant tones and colours. You should avoid peaches with green colour as it is a sign of an underripe peach. Although peaches will continue to ripen after harvest, the sweetness will not develop off the tree.

You can also gently press the shoulder and top of peaches to determine if the peach is ripe. If the peach starts to give with gentle pressure, it is ready to eat. If you are planning to use peaches for salads, select the ones that are still firm. Avoid any peach with blemishes and bruises. Now, you will have the delicious local peaches you love!

Kin’s Keeping Them Fresh

Peaches continue to ripen; if they are not at the stage you’d like to eat, they should be stored at room temperature shoulder side down. They should last, at room temperature, for about four days. Ripe peaches can be stored in the fridge holding their freshness for up to two more days. Bring refrigerated peaches to room temperature (about 30 minutes) before eating for full flavour.

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