A Fresher Approach To Gift Giving

Whether it’s the convenience of Gift Card or the thoughtfulness of a custom-created Gift Basket, you can rely on Kin’s Farm Market for unique gift options to suit just about any taste, style or budget.  Now that’s a truly fresh approach, indeed.

Chocolate Is So
Last Year

Instead of getting bogged down by tradition, why not show your fresh thinking—by choosing to give one (or more) of our Fruit Gift Basket options. These curated and customized gift baskets are far more unique, healthy, and on-trend than a box of chocolates or nuts could ever be.

To order your Fruit Basket, please contact your local Kin’s Farm Market, by phone OR purchase online (to pick-up in-store). They will require approximately 2-3 hours to create.

FRUIT Basket

Our ‘Fruit Deluxe’ features a curated collection of our most popular fruits including Grapes, Pineapple, specialty Apples and Oranges PLUS a delightful array of seasonal products — which, depending on the time of year, could include Pomegranate, Papaya, Mangoes, Kiwi, Persimmon, Pears, Mandarins and Stone Fruit.

fruit basket

A custom-created gift basket featuring your choice of your favourite fruits — as long they’re in-store and in-season. You also have the option to further personalize this gift basket by adding a Kin’s Gift Card. The final price will be determined by the cost of the fruits selected PLUS a $15 preparation & packaging fee.  

One Size Fits
All (Tastes).

Available in any denomination you’d like–from watermelon to blue berry– our gift cards offer you one of the most ‘tasteful’ gift options, anywhere.