Co-owner, Kids Can Cook Gourmet

Every parent’s dream; the kids getting along. But what parent could’ve seen an “Are we there yet?” scenario turn into a gourmet business and even a Dragon’s Den TV appearance?! Skylar and Chloe, Vancouver’s sensational siblings who are dedicated to helping other kids find their inner chef!

While on a family European trip, the two adventurers found themselves discovering and enjoying food in a way they hadn’t known possible ~ It was FUN! An idea was sparked, and their Kids Can Cook Gourmet project was created as a way to learn more about local foods and how to put together a business plan. A creative website, as well as cookbook, were in the works, with the intention of sharing hundreds of ways kids can play with food with gourmet results and even better- have parents encourage it!

Skylar with curious and creative inclinations now serves as Le Petit Chef and Recipe Creator, while the intrepid Chloe has a keen eye for trends and people, and as such has grown the business from her position as the Director of Marketing & Fun. Creating an ethos that carefully mixes the fun with ‘footprint’, the Kids Can Cook Gourmet original product line of pasta sauces stays true to using organic, fresh ingredients and has a strict ‘No GMOs and no fake stuff’ policy, including labels everyone can read!

Kin’s Farm Market is most excited to have our products showcased by Skylar, our youngest brand ambassador.

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