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Blue Jay the Orange

Every month, we select the best product of the season in consideration of taste and freshness. This new year, January, we celebrate Blue Jay Navel Oranges as our Featured Product of the Month for you to enjoy for the entire month.

January month is known to be the Navel orange season. It is the time that you will enjoy the orange at its very best citrusy flavour and fragrance with a mouthful juice content.

Kin’s Fresh Blue Jay

Blue Jay orange is well-known to many consumers. It is a Navel variety; hence, you can expect the good balance of citrus acidic and sweet taste of this orange. We find Blue Jay oranges to be a little sweeter than the regular Navel orange creating a greater balance between tartness and sweetness. The skin of the orange is thick; however, it does not give us the challenge to peel it with hands.

Look and feel of Blue Jay Navel oranges you want to take home

Here are a few tips to help you select the Blue Jay you would want to take home.

  1. The skin is vivid orange in colour with no bruise or soft spots.
  2. Heavy for its size. The weight is a good indicator of juice content.
  3. The fruit is evenly firm all around.

Kin’s Keeping Them Fresh

Note that oranges do not continue to ripen once they have been harvested. Whole Blue Jay oranges can last up to a week at room temperature, and up to a month refrigerated. The segments of orange should be wrapped and refrigerated right away. We recommend eating the orange segments within 3 days after the flesh is exposed to the air.