Faster Ways Of Picking-Up Fresh Produce

Online Pre-Order

Our Online Ordering (and payment) system provides you with the convenience of a click & collect process—meaning  your purchase/order will be available for pick-up at the store you ordered from.  Though all ordering and payments can be made online, currently, there is no delivery option associated with this service. The Online Order features a limited inventory—comprised of only the more popular varieties of fruits and vegetables—as compared to our brick & mortar stores.

Grab & Go Farm Box

Fresh from local farms, we are now providing ready-to-go LOCAL FRESH Farm Boxes featuring a week’s worth of fresh, BC-grown vegetables–like radishes, potatoes,herbs, spinach,  tomatoes and more. This new LOCAL FRESH Farm Box can be picked-up in-store–after being paid for online or in-person.  

This Farm Box will be standardized–meaning that, in the spirit of the grab & go concept, there will be no customization or substitutions.

Their price and content is outlined below.

Veggie Box

@ $19.99

Disclaimer: Actual Farm Boxes May
Vary From Image Shown.

Green Beans  x1 LB

Green Leaf  x1

Carrots  x1 Bunch

Radish  x1 Bunch

Green Onion  x1

Zucchini  x2

Cilantro  x1 Bunch

Corn on the Cob  x3 

Beefsteak Tomato  x1

Roma Tomatoes  x 1.5 LB

Fruit & Veggie Box

@ $49.99

Online Discount: $42.49

Disclaimer: Actual Farm Boxes May
Vary From Image Shown.

Gala Apples  x2.5 LB

Coronation Grapes  x3 Bunches

Bartlett Pears  x2.5 LB

Presidental Plum  x2 LB

Green Beans  x1.5 LB

Green Leaf  x1

Carrots  x1 Bunch

Radish  x1

Green Onion x1

 Fingerling Potatoes  x2 LB

Zucchini  x2

Cilantro  x1

Corn on the Cob  x4 

Campari Tomatoes  x1

Roma Tomatoes  x2 LB